an update on the spread of murder hornets

By proof. Pest Control
Back in May, we discussed the Asian giant hornet, aka Vespa mandarinia, or murder hornet. Traditionally found in Asia, these hornets have recently made their way to North America. In 2019, the first murder hornet was discovered in Washington state and in 2020, three more queens were found. Many people are wondering if the murder hornet is going to continue to spread and inhabit the West Coast. At proof. pest control, our team is always up to date on the latest pest control news, so we’ve gathered some info to break it all down for you.

will the hornets make their way down the west coast?

Unfortunately, this particular species of hornet thrives in climates with warm summers, mild winters, and tons of rainfall, which makes western Washington and Oregon ideal places to inhabit. However, murder hornets cannot survive extreme heat, which means they are unlikely to survive in regions such as the Central Valley in California and eastern Washington.

We understand that you are probably concerned about the spread of this violent species, but for now, we are not sure if they will spread of not. It all depends on how effective early containment methods are. Scientists and other experts are doing everything they can to mitigate the problem. In their most recent publication “Assessing the ecological niche and invasion potential of the Asian giant hornet,” researchers disclosed that closely monitored, calculated containment methods are critical when it comes to slowing the spread of this species. If these containment methods are unsuccessful it is estimated that murder hornets will spread up and down the west coast within 20 years.

what are we doing to slow the spread?

Because of their ability to wipe out entire colonies of bees in minutes, experts are focused on researching this species and familiarizing themselves with tactics used in Asia to combat them. Various monitoring programs have been established with the goal of monitoring the murder hornets and coming up with strategies to eradicate them before they become established. It is crucial that we make the right moves early on before the species has a chance to take a strong hold in North America.

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