Top 5 Tips to Prevent an American Cockroach Infestation

By proofPest

If you see a large cockroach in your home, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted an American cockroach! 

While these pests aren’t as destructive as the German cockroach, an American cockroach infestation can still cause major problems in your home. 

American cockroaches are unsightly insects, but we can help. Check out our tips to eliminate American cockroaches!

What are American Cockroaches?

American cockroaches usually reside in sewers, restaurants, or garbage dumps according to Pennsylvania State University. Indoors, you can spot them in your bathtub, sink, basement, and kitchen.

Of all of the roaches you’ll see inside, the American cockroach is the largest. These pests can grow up to three inches long, so if you spot anything smaller, you may have another infestation on your hands. 

While the German cockroach can lay significantly more eggs, an American cockroach can still lay around 15 eggs at a time. Cockroaches can quickly breed, so an infestation can swiftly spiral out of control.

American cockroaches can live around a year and will continue to produce more cockroaches in the meantime. When you spot one cockroach, you may see more in the future. 

Cockroaches tend to be skittish creatures, so you’re unlikely to see them during the day. These insects are primarily nocturnal and come out at night to forage for food. If you spot one in the daylight, consider calling an exterminator. 

Active cockroaches that appear during the day could indicate a large-scale infestation. If a colony has outgrown its food sources, these pests may exit their hiding spots for a daytime meal. 

Can American Cockroaches Harm Me?

Most roaches are fearful creatures and will not approach you. Unless you have a significant infestation, you shouldn’t have to worry about being bitten by American cockroaches either. 

The real danger from these bugs comes from their impact on your food and kitchen surfaces. American cockroaches can spread diseases and transmit food poisoning as they walk on your food or appliances. 

Large infestations can even aggravate your allergies. Cockroach droppings and limbs could irritate individuals with asthma or seasonal allergies.

If you have cockroaches inside, contact a trusted exterminator like proof. to eliminate the problem. Because cockroaches can spread disease and compromise your health, it’s important that you handle them quickly. 

Prevention Tips for American Cockroaches

One of the best ways to keep American cockroaches out is by preventing them from coming inside. Dealing with an infestation is more difficult than taking the necessary steps to keep them out. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to kill, meaning it will be tough to knock out a stubborn colony.

Check out this video if you want to learn more about why these pests are hard to eliminate.

If you want to avoid an American cockroach infestation, check out these 5 tips to keep them at bay.

Clean up Around Your Home

Cockroaches tend to prefer areas that have an abundance of food. If you frequently leave out food, American cockroaches may begin foraging inside your home. To keep these pests out, always throw away your trash and remove used trashbags from your kitchen, too

Any stray crumbs or spilled messes can also contribute to their meals. Be sure to wipe up all of your counters and sweep your floors to keep your kitchen and living areas clean. If the roaches have less food to eat, they will be less likely to inhabit your home. 

Mop up all Spills 

American cockroaches require open water sources, and you may spot a few around your showers, sinks, tubs, garages, and washing machines. 

If you have standing water in your house, cockroaches flock to these areas to get a drink, so clean up any spills and keep damp areas dry. 

Of course, it can be difficult to mop up your shower or a leak, but it is a step that will prevent American cockroaches and other pests from making your house their new home. 

Eliminate all Entry Points 

American cockroaches can enter your home through seemingly insignificant cracks. They will head toward areas rife with food, moisture, and warmth to survive. 

Seal up any cracks outside your home to keep American cockroaches from establishing a nest. If you have gaps between window frames or doors, try closing them to prevent any pests from heading indoors. 

If you spot crevises inside your house, seal them up, too. Cockroaches will hide in these spaces and continue to lay eggs and breed. Removing their access indoors will cut down on cockroach populations and prevent an infestation from taking root. 

Protect Your Food Items from American Cockroaches

Unsecured food can become contaminated as cockroaches rifle through your cereal, flour, sugar, or chips.

Put food that cannot be resealed in plastic containers to protect your pantry. The cockroaches cannot climb inside a tightly secured container or gnaw through the hard plastic.

If you’re not interested in transferring your food, ensure that everything in your pantry is either clipped or rolled up to prevent cockroaches from crawling inside. 

Contact a Pest Control Agency 

A pest control company can easily eliminate roaches. Our highly trained technicians know the proper techniques to locate and remove the roaches. 

Additionally, proof. can prevent these pests from ever entering your home! By applying synthetic pesticides in seasonal visits, we can eliminate them for good. Give us a call today to discuss your options and keep roaches at bay! 

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