When is Mosquito Season Over? Here’s Our Simple Guide

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Whenever the gloomy chill of the winter subsides, mosquitoes seem to come out in full force! These pests begin flitting around every corner of your yard as soon as the sun rises in the sky. 

Dealing with these pests may make you wonder if there’s an end in sight. When is mosquito season during the year, and when is it over?

Check out our article, where we’ll give you the mosquitoes’ seasonal schedule and when you can expect to get rid of these pesky insects. 

When is Mosquito Season in the Midwest and Northeast?

The average temperature fluctuates in many midwestern states. Areas closer to the Canadian border have lower temperatures than those closer to southern states. However, mosquito season typically stays the same throughout the midwest. 

Because of these milder temperatures, many midwestern residents won’t have to deal with annoying insects until the beginning of May. These pests can thrive whenever the temperature stays around 60 degrees consistently at night. 

In states with hotter climates, Mosquitoes appear as early as mid-April when the spring temperatures increase. Colder states could have even shorter mosquito seasons, beginning in May and ending around August or September.

In the midwest, proof. services different areas throughout Michigan, with five branches treating over 90 locations! While mosquitoes don’t stick around long during the summer, they can still be problems for Michigan residents. 

While there aren’t numerous cases of mosquito-borne illnesses spread throughout the state, as only around 50 residents fell ill from mosquito viruses in 2021, these diseases can cause uncomfortable or fatal reactions.

Comprising two of proof.’s service areas, New York and Massachusetts, the northeast portion of the United States typically enjoys cooler temperatures. Of course, the exact climate hinges on a state’s geographical location, but northeastern regions have a milder mosquito season. 

Areas closer to the southern states experience mosquito season slightly earlier than others, with Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware starting the season in early to late April. 

For states closer to the cooler Canadian climate, mosquito season could be in late April or May. New York and Massachusetts generally see mosquitoes pop up in April, but chilly weather could push these pests back later into the spring. 

Mosquitoes can live until the nippy weather creeps in during late September or early October. For many northeastern areas, these pests stick around until the average nightly temperature is 50 degrees or until the season’s first frost. 

When is Mosquito Season in the South and Southwest?

America’s southern states comprise separate regions with slightly different climates. The south’s Gulf Coast states are typically much hotter than other areas, with a humid or subtropical climate. Southern summers are hot, with temperatures reaching upwards of 90 degrees.

Humid climates bolster the heat and cause the outside temperatures to feel significantly warmer, further encouraging mosquitoes. 

Depending on the location, mosquito season in the south can start as soon as March or around May. Mosquitoes typically taper off around September or October in some southern states as the temperatures do not grow cool until midway through fall. 

Locations near water, swamps, or marshes will struggle more with these pests, especially during the hot summer. For areas of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida near these wet and warm spots, mosquito season can start as early as February! 

But when is mosquito season in the southwest? Here, mosquitos can overstay their welcome throughout the year. Because of the hot climate found year around in some of the regions, mosquitoes may never disappear during the winter!

Arizona can start to see mosquitos in February or March, only having some reprieve from the pests during the start of winter. Other locations may struggle with these pests all year long. For many of proof.’s Arizona residents, mosquitoes are common problems no matter the season!

Other regions like Nevada, Utah, and Colorado begin their mosquito season during the early days of April, extending into the middle of the month. While these areas can have chilly winters, their hot spring and summer climates bring out the pests in droves. 

When is Mosquito Season in the Western and Pacific States?

The geographical ‘west’ of the United States includes many states in the southwest, mountain, and pacific. Mosquito season in the west doesn’t encapsulate the experience of every state along our western regions!

While the southwest typically experiences an early introduction to the season, the upper mountainous areas of the United States generally start to see mosquitoes in the latter portion of April.

Some states’ climates differ through different locations and could start to see these pests pop up sooner or later. The cold mountains of Wyoming won’t see as much activity as the plains in Montana. 

Generally, western inhabitants can expect these pests whenever the snow melts and the temperatures rise in April and May. If you’re lucky enough to have milder temperatures, these pests shouldn’t stick around too long after August!

When is mosquito season in the Pacific? Along the Pacific coastline of the United States rests California, Oregon, and Washington state. Because of its sheer size, California does not have a set mosquito season as different potions of the state will begin to see these pests depending on the climate. 

Areas closer to Mexico and Arizona experience mosquitoes from March to September or October, while other residents start to see the insects in April or May. Like most other regions, mosquitoes stick around until the beginning or middle of fall. 

In Oregon and Washington, the milder temperatures mean fewer pests to swat away! Mosquito season can begin around May or even as late as June and only last into September. While their decreased seasonality may make them seem less of a threat, these states still struggle with their fair share of annoying pests. 

How to Protect Yourself During Mosquito Seasons

Whenever the temperature rises in your area, consider utilizing a few safety measures to prevent mosquitoes from taking hold of your backyard! Try out one of the following tips as recommended by the CDC:

  • Use bug spray
  • Clean your gutters
  • Empty water buckets
  • Keep your yard trimmed
  • Remove bowls and containers from the yard
  • Frequently clean and refill bird baths with clean water
  • Clean up toys, tires, and other objects that could collect water

Removing these water sources will make it harder for mosquitoes to find a good place to lay eggs and breed. While it may not eliminate the pests on your property, you can still start the mosquito season off right! 

This video can give you some other helpful tips to help during mosquito season.

If you want protection this mosquito season, call proof. pest control to aid you in all of your pest control needs! We offer a residential mosquito pest control service that eliminates active populations and growing larvae. 

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