What Temperatures Kill Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs can leave you without sleep and peace of mind. Just the name is enough to make any homeowner or renter shudder with fear. 

Because of their voracious appetite for blood, bed bugs constantly pester us as we fall asleep at night. The bites are bad enough, but imagining tiny critters settled in your mattress can make your skin crawl! 

Many residents throughout proof.’s service areas look for DIY methods to remove these pests fast. We understand if “What temperatures kill bed bugs?” is already loaded up on your search engine. 

However, many at-home methods like this aren’t safe or effective! Look at our blog, where we’ll explain what temperatures keep bed bugs at bay and why you should rely on pest professionals for these treatments. 

Bed Bugs: Tracking Down the Cause

Like some species of cockroaches, bed bugs don’t exist out in the wild. While we usually associate bugs or arachnids with the great outdoors, you won’t find this little pest getting cozy in a brush pile.

Bed bugs solely reside in places with other humans and infest different areas after hitching a ride with a viable host. Hotel and motel stays aren’t safe from bed bugs, even five-rated accommodations. 

All it takes is one infested person to visit a room and spread the little pests throughout the bed, carpet, and furniture. They thrive in locations with frequent access to people, feasting on guests each night. 

If you set your suitcase, bag, or purse on infested carpeting, furniture, or bedding, a curious bed bug may crawl into your belongings unnoticed. It will be content to stay there too. Bed bugs can go months without food and even travel a few yards a night from their nesting spot to feed.

Gross, right?

It’s important to understand that bed bugs are common. They aren’t a sign of filth or home disarray. These pests are hard to track down and even harder to eliminate unless you have the proper tools. 

Don’t fret if you find bed bugs in your home. proof. is equipped with all the necessary tools to keep your home safe and bed bug-free.

What Temperatures Kill Bed Bugs?

We know you’re interested in potential remedies for your bed bug infestation. However, we caution you against utilizing anything dangerous to fix your problem. 

Many heat-based options are only available for pest professionals. Using cold temperatures may not help either. Plus, unless you successfully eliminate every bed bug in your home, they’ll continue to reproduce unabated. 

Check out some options for small-scale bug infestations on clothing items, pillows, blankets, toys, or cushions!

Heat Temperature Treatments

Is it hot in here for you, too?

When it’s warm enough, even bed bugs can’t handle the heat– literally. Some pest control agencies rely on heat-based treatments to quickly eliminate stubborn bed bug infestations. 

So, what temperatures kill bed bugs if you’re wanting to turn up the heat? A room heated to a temperature of at least 113 degrees will kill bed bugs in an hour and a half. For hotter rooms, this time can be cut down significantly. However, higher temperatures and longer times are the best bet if you want to knock out all the eggs. 

Because of the impact heat treatments can have on your possessions, furniture, and health, we do not recommend clients attempt any heat treatments themselves. Most thermostats will not reach these temperatures; trying this could damage your equipment. 

Plus, think of that electric bill!

A dryer can work well for small items infested with bugs. Just throw anything with the pest on it into your dryer on high heat for thirty minutes to an hour. You must consider a different alternative if the bed bugs are still mobile. 

If you are interested in DIY tricks until an exterminator visits, try using a steam cleaner for bed bugs on your floor. When used at a high temperature, you could lessen the number of bugs bothering you. Check out this article by the Environmental Protection Agency

Cold Bed Bug Treatments

What temperatures kill bed bugs in the freezer? 

You can’t safely or accurately freeze an entire room filled with bed bugs. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t use this option for large furniture like mattresses or couches either. 

According to the University of Minnesota’s Department of Entomology, a freezer that reaches and maintains temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit can eliminate bed bugs after a few days in the cold. 

You can eliminate bed bugs from smaller objects by tossing them in a freezer-safe plastic bag or container. Just grab anything that prevents the bed bugs from slipping out onto your food or kitchen. 

However, don’t try other methods using the cold. While it’s tempering to turn off your heater during the winter, trying this could cause serious harm. Plus, your pipes or other essential appliances could break!

Running your air conditioner won’t work either. Many units cannot reach these low temperatures, which would cost you more than a pest control appointment. While DIY methods seem enticing, these problems are better left to the professionals. 

Here’s What to Do

So, what temperatures kill bed bugs? Extreme heat and cold that isn’t easily accessible to the average homeowner. We understand how much you want to protect your home and family, and that’s why we’re here to help!

Woman with magnifying glass detecting bed bugs in bedroom

We’ll give your home a thorough inspection, checking all the areas bed bugs may hide, like

  • Linens
  • Blankets
  • Carpeting
  • Your mattress 
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Sofas and loveseats

Once we catch sight of these little critters, we’ll enact a rigorous treatment plan to remove the current bed bugs we see and eliminate the ones we don’t. Any adult bed bugs within the treatment area should quickly go away.

Two weeks later, our technician will return to complete a second inspection. Remember that it’s completely normal to still see bed bugs a few days after our specialized treatment. Our second service should remove lingering adults and bed bug eggs.

Your home is important to you, and proof. want’s to make sure that it’s safe! Contact us today to discuss our bed bug services. 

Did you know that we also cover bed bugs in our Pest-Free Guarantee service? You can get more bang for your buck and stay protected against various pests throughout the year

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