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Bed bugs are the unwanted guests no one invites. These tiny, nocturnal pests have a knack for stealth and a taste for human blood, making them the bane of peaceful sleep and leaving you itching for a lasting solution.

At proof., we’re no strangers to bed bugs. With over a decade of hands-on experience, we’ve fine-tuned our methods to provide lasting peace of mind. Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques to locate and eliminate these pests swiftly and effectively.

Whether you’re dealing with an active infestation or want to double-check your home after a long vacation, proof.’s here to lend a hand!

bed bug inspections and extermination

Discover the ultimate bed bug solution with proof. Pest Control. Our skil technicians meticulously inspect common hiding spots like beds, linens, and furniture using the TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test, providing swift and accurate detection in just five minutes.

Once identified, we take action– eliminating bed bugs and applying a tailored treatment with cutting-edge practices. Our solution not only eradicates existing infestations but also prevents new ones. Experience sweet dreams and lasting sleep with proof. Pest Control!

Enjoy true peace of mind with our Pest-Free Guarantee, which provides year-round coverage against over thirty common household pests, including bed bugs! Our holistic treatment plan involves foundation treatments, meticulous indoor and outdoor inspections, and the application of our eco-friendly, botanically-derived treatment indoors.

But that’s not all – we take extra steps to clear away cobwebs and nests around your home, paying attention to cracks, crevices, and any specific areas of concern. Count on us for a comprehensive pest control solution, keeping your home a sanctuary every season.

signs of a bed bug infestation

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your good night’s sleep! Spotting these early warning signs is key to stopping an infestation before it grows out of hand. Check out these unmistakable signs that these tiny invaders have overstayed their welcome.

Unexplained Bites:

You may wake up with itchy, red welts that weren’t there before. Bed bug bites often appear in clusters or a line on exposed areas

Small Reddish-Brown Bugs:

Look out for tiny, oval-shaped insects about the size of an apple seed.

Dark Spots on Mattress:

Check for small, dark fecal spots on your mattress and bedding.

Musty Odor:

A sweet, musty smell in the room may indicate a severe infestation.

Blood Stains on Sheets:

Bed bugs leave bloodstains on sheets while feeding.

Eggshells and Shed Skins:

Look for tiny, translucent eggshells and pale, empty exoskeletons.

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What you need to know about bed bug infestations

Understanding your adversary is the first step for effective pest control.
Here’s some helpful information to keep in mind during an infestation

  • Sleeping in the same room as the bed bugs is crucial— it forces them to interact with the treatment and prevents the infestation from spreading further throughout your home.
  • Bed bugs have various life stages: eggs, nymphs, and adults. Those tiny, see-through eggs? You’ll find them snug in cracks and crevices.
  • While they can go without a meal for a few months, regular feeding is crucial for their growth and reproduction.
  • These bugs prefer to feed at night. If you see bed bugs during the day, you could have a severe infestation on your hands.
  • Bed bugs are quick reproducers. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime, setting the scene for a potentially hefty bug presence.

staying safe while traveling

While bed bugs thrive in single-family homes and apartments, they typically spread from other areas like hotels, motels, and vacation rentals. Before you throw your luggage on the bed, consider the following tips to keep your stay bed bug-free:

Give Your Room a Once-Over:

Quickly look around your room before unpacking. Check the mattress, headboard, and corners for any signs of unwelcome guests.

Elevate Your Luggage:

Place your suitcase on a luggage rack or bathroom sink– bed bugs can crawl into your belongings from the bed or floor.

Zip It Up:

Pack your clothes in zip-up bags inside your suitcase to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride.

Know Your Destination:

Do a bit of research on bed bug hotspots at your destination. Take a look at hotel reviews and rates of bed bug infestations in the area.

One Last Check:

When you’re back, vacuum your suitcase and check all your items. Toss your travel clothes in a hot wash to bid farewell any potential stowaways.

Along with hotels, bed bugs have expanded their horizons, appearing unwelcomed in healthcare facilities, schools, and even public transit!

Trust proof. with your bed bug extermination

Expertise That Counts:Tackling complex infestations demands in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. Thanks to our TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test, we can swiftly identify hard-to-see bed bug activity. Once we notice signs of a brewing infestation, our team can deploy our industry-leading solutions, effectively eliminating bed bugs and providing long-lasting, preventative coverage.

Precision in Action: At proof., we approach bed bug pest control with a practical mindset. Our methods are swift, discreet, and customized to address the unique circumstances of your situation.

Results Speak Louder: Say goodbye to sleepless nights and puzzling itches. We don’t just guarantee solutions; we provide a pest-free environment, allowing you to rest undisturbed without nocturnal intruders.

bed bug myths & facts

frequently asked questions

Can bed bugs spread diseases?

While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, their bites can cause itching and discomfort. Persistent scratching may increase the risk of infection.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs hide in cracks, crevices, the seams of mattresses, behind headboards, closets, and other furniture.

How do bed bugs enter homes?

 Bed bugs can enter homes through infested furniture, luggage, or used clothing. Individuals with active bed bug infestations can spread these pests to other areas.

Do bed bugs only infest dirty homes?

Bed bugs can infest any home, regardless of cleanliness. They are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide, not other external attractants in your home.

Can I sleep in my bed during treatment?

Your technician will provide guidance. In some cases, you may need to vacate during treatment and return after a specified time.

How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs?

The timeline varies, but bed bug services often involve multiple treatments over several weeks to completely eliminate the pests.

Do I need to throw away my mattress and furniture?

Not necessarily. Your technician will assess the extent of the infestation and recommend appropriate measures.

Can I prevent bed bug infestations?

Minimize the risk of infestations by conducting routine inspections, maintaining proper hygiene, and avoiding second-hand furniture. For those frequently exposed to bed bugs, consider investing in furniture bed bug covers and maintaining a regular clothing washing routine.

Can I use over-the-counter pesticides to eliminate bed bugs?

It’s not recommended. Professional-grade treatments are more effective and tailored to the specific infestation.

What should I do if I suspect a bed bug infestation?

Contact us immediately for a thorough inspection!

How can I prevent reinfestation after treatment?

Follow post-treatment procedures provided by your technician, including careful reintroduction of items and ongoing monitoring.

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parts of a bed bug

bed bug lifecycle

After a female bed bug lays eggs, they hatch into nymphs– going through several molts before becoming an adult. The entire life cycle typically takes several weeks to months, depending on factors like temperature and access to blood meals.


when are bed bugs active?

Unlike some outdoor pests, bed bugs can infest homes and establishments, regardless of the external season. However, bed bug populations may experience a rise during the summer due to increased human activity and travel.

treatment checklist

Prep the space for our technicians before we jump into the bed bug treatment. A friendly heads-up: If any of these steps aren’t completed, we may need to reschedule your appointment. We want to ensure this is a quick and thorough process for you!

Prepare the Bed:

Remove blankets, sheets, and linens. If applicable, place them in sealed plastic bags, wash them in hot water, and dry them on the highest heat setting.

Clear Storage Spaces

Remove everything from drawers, closets, and hidden areas. Place these items in sealed plastic bags. Avoid reintroducing them until they are washed and thoroughly dried.

Reposition Your Furniture:

Move furniture at least 18 inches from your wall so we can seamlessly treat all exposed spaces.

Vacuum the Affected Room:

Vacuum around mattress seams, box springs, bed legs, and other areas that may harbor bed bugs. Discard the vacuum filters away from your home afterward.

Remove Wall Art:

Temporarily remove and clean pictures, posters, and hanging items.

Get Ready for Treatment:

Once our specialists begin the treatment, leave your home for around four hours. Don’t forget to bring your furry friends too!

has a bed bug bitten me?

According to the CDC, bed bug bites aren’t initially painful and often take days to appear.
You may even mistake them for mosquito or flea bites. If you suspect you have bed bugs, keep an eye out for:

  • Swollen bites
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Bumps aligned in a zig-zag pattern
  • Continued bites that don’t go away

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