how can you tell if a spider is dangerous?

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Spiders are household pests that are widely feared, but many spider varieties are not dangerous at all. In fact, some of these friendly neighborhood spiders actually help your home by eating other bugs.

However, while many common spiders are perfectly safe to be around, there are some that can pose a danger to your family. It can be difficult to know which spiders are friends, and which are foes. By familiarizing yourself with different types of spiders and looking for common signs of danger, you can protect your home from these eight-legged pests.

know if you live in an area with poisonous spiders

If you are afraid of poisonous spiders entering your home, it can be helpful to do research on whether you even live in an area where dangerous arachnids are known to roam. While dangerous spiders can be found all over the United States, they are commonly found in the warm, dry climates of the West, as well as throughout the South.

identify common varieties of dangerous spiders

Although there are some types of spiders that are specific to certain areas, there are some poisonous spiders that can be found almost anywhere in the country. Black widow and brown recluse spiders are some of the most well-known types of poisonous spiders, because they are some of the most common. Black widow spiders are easily identifiable by the red marking on their bodies. Brown recluse spiders also have a marking on their bodies, which is often described as “Violin shaped;” however, there are other spiders that have similar markings.

look to coloring and markings

While black widow and brown recluse spiders can often be identified by their markings, they are not the only spiders with identifying features that can indicate their dangerous nature. Throughout the animal kingdom, many poisonous creatures have one feature in common: Bright colors and distinctive markings. Although not all animals with these features can harm you, it is best to be cautious if you see a spider with an unfamiliar or unusual look.

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