Eyelid Spider Bite Care Tips!

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Ouch! What was that?

Pest bites aren’t fun, especially when they’re on your face! While uncommon, some pests occasionally bite you on your eyes, leading to pain and an uncomfortable itch. 

An eyelid spider bite may be frightening, but with proper care, you can reduce the number of symptoms you experience!

Keep reading to learn how to care for sensitive spider bites and avoid getting bitten by any creepy crawlers!

Why do Spiders Bite?

Despite their hair-raising appearance and negative reputation, spiders won’t typically bite anyone unprovoked. While some pests bother us for blood or other food, spiders tend to shy away from larger animals and people. 

Spiders only strike out whenever they feel threatened; some species are even reluctant to attack even when faced with a threat. 

Most spider bites are purely accidental. If a spider is hiding out in an area you suddenly encroach upon, they’re likely to bite as they feel threatened. Spiders hiding in shoes, clothing, and beds are often the primary causes of spider bites too. 

Is an Eyelid Spider Bite Dangerous?

An eyelid spider bite shouldn’t be too dangerous unless you’re allergic or if a highly venomous spider bites you. 

Most spider bites cause an external reaction regardless of the toxicity of their venom. Has a bee or wasp ever stung you? Even if you’re not allergic, everyone experiences swelling, redness, and pain in reaction to the venom from an insect sting. 

Spider bites aren’t typically dangerous. Here are some common symptoms you’ll experience from a run-of-the-mill spider bite if you’re not allergic to the venom:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Nausea 
  • Headache
  • Itching

These symptoms won’t linger for more than a few days on other parts of your body. You may experience initial discomfort, but these injuries shouldn’t be any more painful than a bee sting. 

However, if a spider bites your face, you may have some complications. When you receive a spider bite on your eye, you could experience significant swelling. Like most insect or pest injuries near your face, your eyes may swell shut in response to the venom. 

While it shouldn’t last more than a few days, you should always visit a doctor if you experience any severe symptoms like difficulty breathing or prolonged swelling of your eyes or face. 

Venomous Spider Bites

A spider bite isn’t dangerous unless a highly venomous spider bites you. In the United States, only two spider species have medically hazardous venom. Black widow and brown recluse spider bites may result in serious complications, illness, or even fatalities. 

Black widow spider bites usually result in severe illnesses in young children and the elderly, but even adults can grow quite ill after a bite.

If you’re bitten on the eye by a brown recluse spider, you should visit a medical professional right away. Brown recluse spider bites carry the possibility of turning necrotic, meaning the venom could swiftly cause lesions and damage your skin

To protect your eyesight, always seek a doctor’s medical opinion! These injuries are severe and require prompt care to keep you safe. 

Caring for Eyelid Bites

So, how should you care for an eyelid spider bite from a non-toxic spider? 

Unless you experience troubling symptoms, you can typically handle these injuries alone at home. But you don’t have to suffer without any reprieve! Here are some measures you can take to speed up your recovery. 

Try to discern the species whenever a spider bites you on your face. Even if you can accurately identify the spider species, call your doctor or visit an urgent care center to avoid a potential reaction. 

Your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics or a steroid cream, depending on your symptoms and the severity of the bite. Always take your medication per your doctor’s orders and take it easy for a few days afterward.

Use a cold compress on your eye for at-home care to reduce the swelling. If you’re having trouble seeing out of the eye that the spider bit, the icepack should bring you some relief as the swelling dies down. 

Make sure to keep the injury clean too. Clean the area with a warm and damp rag, but avoid getting anything in your eye. Further irritation could take the spider bite longer to heal, so exercise caution when rubbing or cleaning your eyes. 

An over-the-counter antihistamine can also reduce symptoms by diminishing facial swelling and redness. Plus, if the spot is itchy, it should remove some of the urge to scratch your eye. 

Never use any antibiotic or steroid cream without prior instruction from a doctor. If you’re feeling bad enough to warrant these products, it’s a good idea to seek out additional advice on what to do about your bite. 

While eyelid spider bites aren’t typically dangerous for the average person, someone allergic to spider venom may react differently. Here are the signs of an allergic reaction that you should watch out for:

  • Hives
  • Extreme nausea
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Extreme swelling
  • Bodywide pains and cramps
  • Loss of consciousness

These symptoms could signify anaphylactic shock, a potentially fatal reaction to an allergen. At the first sign of any troubling symptoms, visit an emergency room. 

Avoiding Spider Bites

Are you worried about an eyelid spider bite or other typical injuries? You can do a few things to minimize your exposure to these pests. 

If your household has a large population of spiders, check your clothes and shoes for signs of pests before putting anything on. Many spider bites occur when the spiders are involuntarily pressed against your body while changing or putting on footwear. 

Clean up any visible cobwebs and eliminate the spiders you see in your home. Sticky glue traps are a great way to collect and discard spiders, especially species that don’t live on webs, like the wolf spider. 

However, if you have a significant spider infestation and are afraid of getting bitten, consider contacting a pest control company like proof.! Not only can we eliminate the spiders in your home, but we can also eliminate any underlying pest problem that may be drawing them in. 

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