do termites bite, harm, or spread disease to people or pets?

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Termites are known for their propensity to eat wood and destroy homes in the process. Although most people are familiar with the dangers that termites present to the structure of buildings, many are not sure about whether or not these pests can cause other types of harm — particularly by biting people or pets or spreading disease.

termite bites

Termites usually do not bite humans or pets. A termite may bite a person or animal if it is picked up or otherwise disturbed, but this is very rare. If you do have a termite infestation, you should still avoid the pests and leave all eradication efforts to the professionals.

do termites spread disease?

Even if you were to have the rare experience of being bit by a termite, you would likely not be in any serious danger. As with any bug bite, you may notice symptoms such as redness, itching, and swelling. You should treat a termite bite as you would any bite, with ice, anti-itch ointment, and other methods of managing symptoms. If you do notice what you believe to be a termite bite, it could very likely have been caused by another type of pest in your home.

Termites are not necessarily dangerous to pets either. Your pet should be fine even if they are bitten by a termite.

dangers of termite infestation

While termites may not bite or spread disease, these pests are not to be ignored. A termite infestation can seriously damage your home, and prevention efforts must be made quickly to prevent any further issues.

Any type of bug infestation can present dangers to your health. People or pets may be allergic to the bugs, and just by living in your home, termites can create conditions that irritate allergies or respiratory conditions (dust may build up in the areas where the pests are living).

Regardless of whether or not termites present a health risk, you should get them out of your house as soon as possible. The team at proof. pest control can help you identify a termite infestation, clear the bugs out of your living space, and prevent more termites or any other pests from entering.

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