Do Fleas Fly? How These Gravity Defying Pests Harm Your Pets

By proofPest

After a fun romp outdoors, your furry friends will run inside with their tails wagging and tongues panting. All is well until they scratch their body, trying to reach an uncomfortable itch. Oh no! Your pooch has fleas

So, the big question is: How did these annoying pests infest your poor dog or cat? Do fleas hop on your animals from the grass? Do fleas fly?

In our article, we’ll explain how fleas attack your pets and give you some tips to get rid of a stubborn flea infestation in your home!

Do Fleas Bite Humans, Too?

It’s no surprise to find fleas or ticks on your pet’s skin after they spend time outdoors. However, can fleas bother humans after your pets come inside? Do fleas fly from their fur onto our hair and skin?

cat scratching at it's head outdoors

Fleas need a mammal’s blood to facilitate reproduction. Without an unwilling host’s blood, fleas couldn’t lay eggs. Fleas will even leave their eggs behind on your animals, so their young have an easy meal once hatched. 

Instead of feasting on blood, young fleas will consume the discarded waste left behind by adult fleas. Also called “flea dirt,” the larvae regularly eats feces to survive and grow.

Can fleas do the same to people? You may feel a phantom itch once you see your dog or cat scratching! While fleas are more likely to feast on animals, they can also bite humans. 

If you have a significant flea infestation, these pests can move from one host to another. Fleas won’t lay eggs on humans as they do with animals, but you can still suffer from these bites. Flea bites are small and extremely itchy. You’ll probably see these red markings grouped on your skin. Unlike mosquito bites which can appear anywhere on your body, fleas typically bite around your legs or ankles. 

How Did I Get a Flea Infestation?

You may be stuck scratching your head (and legs!), wondering how fleas have invaded your home. How exactly do fleas hitch a ride on your pets? Do fleas fly indoors or around outside? 

As your pets roam around outdoors, fleas can quickly attach themselves and begin feeding. Fleas thrive outdoors in unkempt grassy areas, but they can infest even the most meticulously mowed lawn. As wild animals, the dog next door, or even the roaming neighborhood cat walks through your yard, they can introduce these pests to your property. Once your pooch or kitten settles outside for their afternoon nap in the shade, fleas flock to their location looking for a bite. 

Fleas typically stick to their hosts for better food access, but you can often find them inhabiting other areas. These pests can hide within your bedding, carpets, rugs, and furniture to continue to breed.

Do Fleas Fly or Jump?

So, do fleas fly, or can they attach themselves to your pets through other means? 

Instead of asking, “Do fleas fly?” you should ask how far they can jump! Unlike other insects, fleas can’t fly, and adult fleas lack wings. While a flea’s swift jump may look like they’re taking flight, these pests can only hop around.

According to the University of Kentucky’s entomology department, fleas can jump up to six inches! While this isn’t as high as a grasshopper, these tiny pests can clear enough hurdles to jump onto your pets.

Look at this video to watch how high fleas can jump!

If your furry pal didn’t contract fleas from the great outdoors, these pests may have come from infested areas like vet offices, grooming places, daycares, or training centers. When infected dogs or cats enter these areas, they can spread fleas to other pets. 

Do fleas fly at the groomers?

How Can Get Rid of Fleas?

When fleas invade your home, the best way to remove these pests is by addressing the infestation on your pets. Start by giving your dogs or cats flea treatments to kill off any live fleas living and laying eggs on their skin. 

You can purchase medicated shampoos, topical treatments, or oral medication to remove fleas from your pet. Some options work better depending on the severity of an infestation, and oral chews or pills can often quickly resolve the problem without having to go to the trouble of bathing an angry cat!

After you’ve lent your furry friends a hand, focus your attention on any of the fleas in your home. If you have fleas within your clothing or other linens, give them a good wash to remove the fleas hiding inside the fibers. 

You can also purchase indoor flea treatments. However, some treatments require you to clean your carpet and furniture thoroughly. This can take some time and prevent you from sitting or walking around. Instead of dealing with at-home treatments, let proof. handle all of the hard for you! We offer a specialized flea service to remove these pesky insects from your home! 

Our technicians will inspect your home and apply an insecticide that kills adult fleas and removes flea larvae and eggs. With our treatment, you won’t have to worry about new fleas maturing and causing you trouble. Contact us today!

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