6 telltale signs of bed bugs in your group home

By proof. Pest Control
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One of the most common pest issues facing group homes in Michigan is bed bug infestations. Group homes tend to have higher turnover of residents than most living situations so they are statistically more likely to be infested.

If you see one of the following 6 telltale signs, there is a good chance your facility may have bed bugs. If that’s the case, give us a call at & we’ll be happy to help you get rid of these annoying pests & keep them out!






1. blood stains

When feeding, bed bugs will crawl onto someone while sleeping so they can easily be crushed by the person as they roll over in their sleep. Since bed bugs are full of blood after feeding, this will leave small blood stains behind. If you notice small blood stains scattered throughout bed sheets or pillows then this could be an indication of bed bug activity.

2. bed bug fecal matter

Another stain to keep an eye out for in common sleeping areas is small brown or black stains. The way you can tell it is bed bug fecal matter is if it smears upon wiping. Bed bugs will often expel fecal matter while feeding so it should appear along with the other signs of bed bug activity.

3. bed bug eggs and eggshells

Bed bugs reproduce quite rapidly, which is why it is crucial to detect them early and not wait for a full-blown infestation. Bed bug eggs are very tiny eggs shaped like grains of rice. They are pearly white in color and can look translucent and deflated after they hatch and just an empty shell is left behind. A magnifying glass can greatly enhance your searching abilities.

4. bed bug shells (cast off skins)

As bed bugs grow into mature adults, they pass through several developmental stages and leave behind an exoskeleton each time they do so. This shed skin will appear in the common areas already discussed and can appear in large numbers.

5. bed bug bites

Since everyone has different reactions to bug bites there is quite a bit of variation in the appearance of bed bug bites. That being said, if one of your residents is finding areas of small itchy red welts on their neck, back, chest, or arms that appeared after sleeping then chances are you have a bed bug issue.

6. adult bed bugs

Even though bed bugs are very good at hiding, sometimes they will will appear right out in the open. Adult bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, and brownish in color (similar to apple seeds) although after feeding they can look bulkier and more red in color.

what happens if i find any bed bug signs?

For only a little more than our standard service, we also offer a monthly bed bug service that can help prevent any future outbreaks from occurring. Our monthly service even includes a year-round guarantee! This will assist you in your job of keeping all your residents happy and healthy.

If you go through this checklist and discover any of the above bed bug signs, give us a call at . Our standard 2-service bed bug treatment is fast, affordable and extremely effective, plus it comes with a 30 day guarantee.

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