3 reasons why consumers are switching to green pest control

By PPControl
As customers are becoming more and more interested in green versions of services, businesses everywhere are answering their call. The laws of supply and demand state evolve, or die. Pest control is no different.But why are customers more interested in greener solutions to their bug problems? The existing methods are already effective, and as long as they’re in compliance with sustainability regulations, are fine to use. Knowing what’s making customers change their minds on their preferred pest control services is key to thriving in this tumultuous time. Here are three reasons customers might want to switch.

Reason 1: Decreasing their Carbon Footprint

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact their carbon footprint has on the planet we live on. People everywhere are starting to make the switch for sustainability in all aspects of their lives. Electric cars, taking shorter showers, carpooling and using public transportation, and now, green pest control services are some of the ways people are choosing to minimise their own carbon footprint. It has less to do with the effectiveness of the existing product, and more to do with concern about a product’s potential environmental effects.

Reason 2: Concern for Toxicity

When a client sees their first bed bug and gives you a call, they don’t know anything about exterminating an infestation.They just want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. That’s why they called in the experts. It isn’t until they start talking to you more in detail about what the service entails that they start to learn about how it works, and just how toxic it can be. Then they start worrying about their tiny chihuahua, and they start second guessing using you altogether. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of their “fur-babies” following any pest control services.

Reason 3: Concern for the Ecosystem

Sometimes pest control services have unforeseen impacts on the nearby ecosystems. Older, less eco-friendly pest-control methods are all-encompassing, and can target multiple pests at once. Unfortunately, it can also have consequences on the neighboring wildlife around the home, or consequences to the clients garden. These nondiscriminatory pesticides also can have unintended consequences, like killing the good bugs in their garden, or upsetting the food chain in a big way. Your Clients might be trying to avoid causing any problems to their garden.

How To Use the Switch to Green Pest Control to your Advantage

As consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the planet, and the concern for climate change is rising, more and more people are making the switch to go green wherever they can. This is especially true in the pest control industry, where consumers are concerned about how your services might contribute. Pest control, too, is going green to keep up with the demand.

This might initially frustrate you. Your products are already effective, so why should you switch to greener, more expensive methods? New methods are more pest specific, so you have to have more kinds of pest control tools on hand to do your job. Change, even when it’s a good change, can be frustrating. And good doesn’t always mean easier. Going green can complicate your job. But it’s necessary to protect the environment and to keep your clients from converting to those who have made the switch. Here’s how to turn this necessary change into an asset for your company.

Incorporate it into your ad campaigns

Going green is a feature and a bonus. You can use green pest control methods as a way to gain conversions, and boost your ROAS. Use this as a keyword, and center a new ad campaign around your eco-friendly pest control. This will appeal to those excited to make the change toward a greener world. It’ll increase your web traffic, brand awareness, and it will get you extra conversions.

Use it to increase your organic traffic

Utilize SEO strategies and update your website. Adding the right keywords in the right places will boost your organic traffic. Creating web content around these keywords will increase your odds of appealing in google’s search results when someone is searching for your service. The more relevant keywords you can utilize while keeping the user experience pleasant and easy, the better your SEO score will be. You can also use this as an opportunity to create SEO optimized blog posts. Creating content about the ways that your services are green, why you switched, how effective they are compared to their less sustainable counterparts, and how your new products work is a great way to appear in more search results. The more relevant, high quality content you have posted that answers questions your audience is asking themselves, the more likely they are to find you when they search. Show your clients that you understand their needs, and you’re making changes to improve their experience.

Use it as content for your social media posts

Another great strategy for turning this big change into a win for your company is by using it to start a conversation about going green with your followers online. You can link back to blog posts, ask your followers why going green is important to them, and use it as a way to start a conversation about green pest control and what would make it a better alternative for them. This is a great topic to get engagement with your followers, boost your social media growth, and convert more people to your business.

Even good change comes with a unique set of challenges to navigate. Every time we change the way we do things, it shakes up everything we knew before. The key to beating your competition is developing new strategies quickly, thinking innovatively, and creating a smooth transition for your business and your clients.

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