3 pest control steps to take this fall

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The worst of summer’s heat is behind us, and fall is just around the corner. That means that the worst of bug season is in our rear-view mirror and you should start seeing a sharp drop in bug populations over the next several weeks. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pat yourself on the back for another year survived. Autumn means it’s time to start preparing your home for winter and start implementing preventative treatment measures to try and control the bug population for both the months ahead and for the following spring.Here are three steps you should follow over the coming weeks to properly prepare your home or business for the winter months and keep up the fight against bugs throughout the season to come.

weatherproof your home—seal cracks & crevices

During cold winter months, you pay dearly to heat your home. Heating uses a lot of energy, and that makes it a costly but necessary part of life. However, air leaks allow this heat to escape and leave your home feeling cold, drafty, and uncomfortable. More than that, air leaks are also a great avenue for bugs seeking shelter from the cold to sneak their way into your home. If you have ever noticed that your home sees an uptick in spider, roach, or rodent intrusions, it isn’t your imagination—it is a well-documented behavior.

For this reason, weatherproofing your home actually serves two equally important purposes. First, it helps you seal your home and prevent unwanted heat transfer that ruins the efficiency and effectiveness of your furnace. Second, it actually helps keep the bugs out. By sealing off these tiny gaps in your walls, around windows, around doors, and even in your roof or the eaves, you’re actively eliminating entrances that bugs use to get inside and seek shelter and warmth. And that could be huge—many types of bugs build nests in places that make suitable shelter, and that means they lay eggs and reproduce, turning into an infestation that is even more difficult to remove.

clean up your yard

Fall may be a beautiful season of changing colors and climate, but the mess it can make is a veritable paradise for pests. Fallen leaves provide cover for bugs, allowing them to move about and thrive during additional hours of the day. This gives them ample motivation to go out, do more hunting or other activity, and even to spread and grow before the winter season fully sets in. This is why it’s so important to clean up your yard and keep it neat and tidy during this season.

Cleaning your yard might seem like an unwinnable battle when leaves are falling, plants are going dormant, and wood piles are stacking up for the colder season. But that doesn’t mean you can put this cleaning off. The longer you wait, the worse your pest problems could get, and pest problems that develop during the fall frequently carry over into the winter months as well. Make sure you’re constantly cleaning up fallen leaves, continuing to mow your grass, and you’re properly disposing of collected refuse as well. Likewise, store any collected debris in cans and bags away from your home to prevent bugs from using your trash as a way of getting into your home.

treat for grubs

The term “grub” is a colloquial term used to refer to one of several different types of insect larvae that spend the first portion of their life underground in your lawn. Many types of insects use the summer season as more than just a time to eat and live—it’s the time to mate, and some species can lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs over the course of a single summer. When these eggs hatch, the larvae that emerge often need time to mature before they can survive in the world as a full-fledged adult, and they do this by burying themselves underground and feasting on grass, plant, and tree roots for several months or even several years.

Grubs are notorious for destroying lawns, particularly during winter months when food can be in short supply. While your grass has gone dormant for the winter, grubs will continue to feed on its roots, and that can kill off large swaths of your lawn. In areas where your grass goes dormant and turns brown during the winter season, you may not even realize the damage that grubs have done to your property until your lawn comes back to life in the spring. You can buy several types of products that are designed to target and eliminate grubs while they are buried in your lawn, and they are frequently available at your local home improvement store.

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