4 Silverfish Bait Options to Eliminate Pests

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Calling all detective bug busters! If you’ve ever wondered how to outsmart silverfish infiltrating your living spaces, we have a top-secret weapon for you– silverfish bait!


Forget about ordinary traps; we’ve got top-tier bait that will have these pests dropping their stealth act and revealing their true colors. 


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Why Do I Have Silverfish?

There are several reasons why someone may have silverfish in their home or property:


  • Moisture and Humidity: Silverfish are attracted to high humidity and moisture areas. Buildings with damp spaces like basements, bathrooms, or kitchens with leaks can create an inviting environment for silverfish.
  • Dark and Undisturbed Spaces: Silverfish prefer dark and undisturbed areas like cluttered storage spaces, closets, and unused rooms.
  • Food Sources: Starchy materials, paper, cardboard, and pantry items may encourage silverfish infestations, especially if these items are readily available.
  • Building Construction: Some older homes or buildings may have cracks, gaps, or crevices in their structures, which can serve as entry points for silverfish.
  • Lack of Predators: While silverfish typically have predators that keep their populations in check, these pests may be absent in urban areas, allowing silverfish to thrive and multiply. 
  • Seasonal Changes: Silverfish are more active during warmer months, so their populations may increase during spring and summer.
  • Transference: Silverfish can enter homes by hitchhiking on infested items brought in from other places, such as used books, cardboard boxes, or second-hand furniture.


To prevent silverfish infestations, address underlying issues by fixing moisture problems, sealing cracks and gaps, reducing clutter, use silverfish bait, and properly storing potential food items. 


Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help deter these pests from residence in your home. If the infestation becomes severe, seeking professional pest control services is recommended.

Top 4 Silverfish Bait Options

Dive into the art of silverfish baiting—a masterclass in outwitting these stealthy intruders. Check out our top tips and baits to help you regain control of your home!

Starchy Foods

Dealing with silverfish can be a pain, but did you know these little pests have a soft spot for carbs, especially starchy foods like pasta, bread, and cereal? If you leave these treats in dark and quiet corners of your home, you might attract silverfish and give them a free feast.

Different types of pasta in glass jars and on the table

Silverfish often turn toward human-made products to meet their nutritional needs in areas without much plant matter. To catch these sneaky insects, place small amounts of starchy foods in places you think they might be hiding, like your cupboards or under the sink.

Sugar and Sweets

These crafty critters naturally gravitate towards sweet substances, including good old sugar and a whole array of sugary treats. Their diet consists of plant-based items, munching on sugars in decaying organic matter, and even the sweets in our pantry.

Multi-colored gummy worms with sugar, an excellent silverfish bait

Granulated sugar, honey, and candy are excellent silverfish bait alternatives. With strategic placement, these delectable treats can coax silverfish out of their hiding spots and into your waiting traps.


Here’s a caution: moderation is essential, just like any sweet indulgence. To avoid any unintended consequences, avoid placing the bait where children or pets roam and consider investing in sealed bait traps designed explicitly for silverfish. Safety first, right?

Cotton Balls or Fabric

These crafty critters have a natural penchant for all things organic, and cotton and linen, being natural fibers, are a delicacy they can’t resist. The cellulose in these fabrics is like the ultimate silverfish buffet, satisfying their nutritional cravings in the best possible way!

White cotton balls in a glass jar

Try placing small pieces of cotton balls or fabric in the areas where silverfish are abundant– think cupboards, closets, or even those mysterious corners in the basement. It’s like setting up a tiny, enticing restaurant for them with this silverfish bait! 


And the best part is, by observing the baited areas, you can easily play detective and catch them red-handed when they just can’t resist munching on the material.


Silverfish have a soft spot for cardboard, and here’s why it makes an excellent silverfish bait:

Partially torn brown cardboard

  • Cellulose Content: Cardboard contains cellulose, a complex carbohydrate that silverfish adore. It’s a delicious treat they can’t resist.
  • Dark and Undisturbed Spaces: Silverfish love hiding in cozy spots, and cardboard boxes provide the perfect environment for their nocturnal adventures.
  • Moisture Retention: The cardboard’s porous nature allows it to hold moisture, making damp cardboard even more enticing to these pests.
  • Odor Absorption: Over time, cardboard absorbs various scents, including food smells, attracting silverfish to investigate.
  • Easy Accessibility: Cardboard is a common household material, making it a convenient baiting option.


To bait silverfish with cardboard, simply place small pieces of damp cardboard in areas where they’re active. Keep an eye on the baited spots to identify potential infestation areas.


Remember, baiting is just one aspect of silverfish control. Addressing high humidity and moisture issues is crucial for effective long-term management. With some patience and smart tactics, you can keep those silverfish at bay with patience and intelligent tactics. 

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