natural ways to reduce bbq-disturbing pests

By proofPest
If you live in Michigan, a barbeque on a warm summer evening is almost as rare as a total lunar eclipse or something.

I mean, the winter is cold here…obviously! But the summers…can also be pretty wet and occasionally cold with lots and lots of rain. So when a “nice day” appears, one must take full advantage and invite a few friends over, spark up the grill, and spend a few hours listening to some jams and snacking on a Polish in the backyard.

However, ants, bees, mosquitoes and other insects also like to take advantage of the nice weather, and usually pose a problem during our infrequent backyard parties.

Here is a list of the top three natural ways to help fend off your uninvited backyard guests, so your “real” guests are more comfortable:

  • Toke up the Grill with some Herbs: Throwing a few sage or rosemary leaves directly onto the burning charcoals of your grill will not only make your backyard smell so fresh and so clean clean, but the insects hate the scent. A few Peppermint leaves will also do the trick. The herbs on the grill won’t spice up your meats, so don’t try this tip to increase your culinary prestige.
  • Purchase Plants the Bugs Hate: If the herbs on the grill weren’t enough to attract all your essential oil friends over to smell the excitement, you can add more botanical scents and as a bonus, keep more bugs from invading your space. Purchasing spearmint, lavender, citronella, and chrysanthemum will fend off some of those pesky mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. As a centerpiece for you patio table, you can also pot some marigolds, not the most “in style” flower, but definitely a bug repellent.Lemons
  • Add Some Citrus or Cucci’s to Your Backyard: Mix up some lemon juice and water and give your backyard area a little citrus mist. Ants hate this and will stay away, and other insects will also be repelled by this citrus solution.

Interestingly, ants also hate cucumbers. You chop up little pieces and put them in around your tables to keep the ants at bay. If if you want to disguise the fact that you have chopped up vegetables in your backyard, you can shred the cucumbers and they will blend in nicely with your grass.

Following these three tips will make your summer barbecues more enjoyable.  And, make sure you take full advantage next time we get a warm, clear day this summer!

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