Early Signs of Bed Bugs You Need to Know

By Allison Clayton

Bed bug infestations are hard to beat, but are there any early signs of bed bugs that you can look out for?

Locating a bed bug problem before it spirals out of control can save you money, time, and precious hours of sleep. 

Take a look at our article, where we’ll give you all the details about finding bed bugs before their population grows. 

Got Bed Bugs? Here’s How!

Bed bugs are sneaky little critters, but they can’t enter your home like other common pests. While ants and rodents sneak indoors through small cracks and crevices to reach your pantry, bed bugs gain access differently. 

Like some cockroaches and spider species, bed bugs can’t exist in the wild and must stick near humans to survive. Because their primary food source is blood, they can’t survive without frequent access to these blood meals. 

While pests like ticks or mosquitoes utilize blood to supplement their reproduction, bed bugs require blood to stay alive. These little vampires creep out of their hiding spots to feast on you or other animals at night, only returning whenever you begin to stir. 

Because of their proximity to humans, homeowners acquire bed bugs after visiting an infested location or introducing affected items to their homes. 

Hotel rooms are hotspots for bed bugs, mainly because these pests crop up in places where random strangers frequently cycle through. No room is safe, either. Even the nicest hotel, motel, or vacation home could have hidden critters inside!

Buying secondhand furniture is another way bed bugs may enter your residence. Unfortunately, while thrift stores are perfect for a great deal, the discounted furniture could have bed bugs inside. This is true for anything you buy secondhand too!

Occasionally, bed bugs could hitch a ride from other individuals too. If their homes have a significant bed bug problem, these pests could cling to their clothing or bags and spread wherever they go. 


A bed bug infestation isn’t a sign of uncleanliness or disarray, as anyone can suffer from these pesky bugs. However, don’t fret! Bed bugs are common, and any pest control professional can easily remove them. 

Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Anyone can get bed bugs, and everyone can get rid of them too! But it’s always better to confront an infestation before it gets too far out of hand. 

These little insects won’t stay hidden for long! Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to tell when you have a bed bug infestation. Check out this list to learn more about what to look out for whenever you suspect bed bugs indoors.

Blood Stains on Your Sheets

If you wake up with tiny blood specks on your sheet, there’s a good chance bed bugs may be living in your mattress. 

Like mosquitoes, bed bugs pierce through your skin with their sharp mouthpieces to feast on your blood. After feeding and detaching themselves, the bug will leave behind a tiny cut where you may continue to bleed.

While these bites won’t cause major bleeding, you may still stain your sheets with tiny pinpricks of blood before the bleeding slows down. If multiple pests attack you at night, you may notice significant stains once you wake up. 

The blood stains could also stem from crushed or dead bed bugs. Not everyone is immobile when they sleep, and you could wiggle around if you feel these pests irritating you at night. 

If you accidentally roll over on a recently fed bug, it may secrete its meal on your sheets, cover, or mattress. 

Visible Bites on Your Skin

Bites or minor injuries are common early signs of bed bugs and perhaps the most noticeable sign you have a problem. 

Like mosquito bites, bed bug bites appear shortly after they feed, but some may take up to two weeks to itch and swell. 

Bed bug bites are significantly different from other biting or blood-sucking pests. While the injuries may look similar to mosquito bites, bed bugs tend to suck areas around your body in large clusters. 

While bed bugs can’t transmit diseases, they can still leave some nasty marks that leave you uncomfortable. Because bed bugs feed at least once every two weeks, you could often wake up with signs of bed bugs!

Fecal Stains on Your Mattress

Here are more early signs of bed bugs you won’t be able to miss! 

Look around your bed or sheets for small black dots or smears. These spots are tiny but easy to see. Because their diet is compromised solely of blood, their waste is also composed of the iron-rich substance.

While the droppings can dry out, their feces tend to maintain a wet consistency that quickly spreads when touched. If you take a paper towel and wipe the waste away, it should move around your sheets easily. 

If you’re having other symptoms like bug bites or bloody spots, the feces you find is probably the result of a bed bug infestation.

Other Bed Bug Signs

While these are the most common indications of an infestation, other signs could suggest a bed bug problem. 

Spotting the bed bugs is an excellent indicator of insect issues (and a bit on the nose), but finding bed bug eggs can also point toward the start of a burgeoning invasion. 

These eggs are tiny and often hard to spot, but you can usually see the small white eggs along mattress seams, inside pillows, or near baseboards. They’re often heavily congregated together alongside fecal matter and other bugs. 

Hatched eggs or shed skin is also a great indicator of bed bugs. Plus, bed bugs have a particular smell whenever they congregate in large groups, with some homeowners likening the scent to spices, flowers, or berries. 

If you’ve found early signs of bed bugs or find the pests themselves, remember not to panic. Bed bugs are easily fixed with a trusted pest professional on your side!

Here at proof. Pest Control, our trained technicians can remove severe infestations. We know how frightening these critters are and want to help you find peace of mind again. 

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