The Best Ant Bait: Are These 4 Options Worth It?

By Allison Clayton

Everyone has a pest control method they swear by, but what’s the best thing on the market? 

Ants are problems for many in proof.’s service areas, but not every product works the same to remove their ranks. What’s the best ant bait for you?

Keep reading to find out what you should use to eliminate the stubborn ants in your home or yard!

Diatomaceous Earth

Organic and non-toxic, diatomaceous earth is a popular pick for many interested in a safe DIY solution. Unlike other pest control options, food-grade diatomaceous earth won’t make you ill when consumed. You won’t have to worry about your furry friends or children getting sick!

Rather than eliminating pests through chemical means, diatomaceous earth breaks down an insect’s exoskeleton. Composed of sharp, microscopic diatoms, the powder creates tiny tears on an insect’s body and causes it to dehydrate. 

If you find an ant mound outdoors, sprinkle the diatomaceous earth over the colony. Direct contact with the powder should quickly disrupt their ranks. 

For foraging ants, mix some sugar with your diatomaceous earth. Ants prefer sweet substances, so adding a treat to the powder should entice any pests looking around for their next meal. 

While safe to eat, diatomaceous earth isn’t healthy to breathe in, so wear proper protection as you place the powder around your home or yard. Like its corrosive effects on insects, it can cause minor lung irritation or breathing difficulties. 

Diatomaceous earth is the best ant bait when you’re looking for a natural solution, but it still has limitations. Its effectiveness wanes when wet, so avoid dispersing this in areas that stay damp. 

Unlike other pest control methods, diatomaceous earth doesn’t work quickly. You may not see results for a few days or weeks, so if you want a fast solution, consider utilizing another pest control alternative!


A common sight in laundry rooms, borax is a DIY option you may already have in your home. Typically, homeowners use borax to clean up indoors, for a fresh load of laundry, freshen up smelly shoes, or even unclog drains!

Borax is also a common and useful component of many homemade pest control mixtures. For ants, borax slowly poisons and breaks down their bodies, allowing you to eliminate ants in the colony and foraging pests all at once!

The ants won’t approach the bait unless something sweet is mixed in, like sugar or honey. Depending on the type of bait you want to use, you can try either for different textures. 

Mixing sugar with borax maintains a powdery consistency and masks the grains of the power with sugar granules. To create an easy-to-carry paste for the ants, add water and honey to the borax, and place them on a shallow dish or plate. 

Both options work well, so test each method and choose the best alternative. If the ants like your mixture, you should notice a decrease in ant activity indoors and outdoors!

While borax effectively eliminates ants, it’s more toxic than diatomaceous earth. Avoid consuming the powder or mixture, and keep your little ones far away from your bait. Make sure your furry friends can’t get too close, either!

Baking Soda

Are you still looking for the best ant bait? Don’t worry! We have you covered. 

Typically used for fluffy cakes and bright smiles, baking soda is also a favored ingredient for DIY pest treatments. Does this simple powder work?

Box of baking soda beside a bowl of baking soda

Despite popular anecdotes, baking soda may not curtail a large infestation. Unlike the insecticide-like qualities of borax or diatomaceous earth, baking soda won’t harm ants at all. 

When mixed with sugar or another sweet treat, the baking soda will become a highly sought food source for the little pests in your home. Instead of eliminating the ants, you’ll only further encourage the infestation!

We suggest trying out another method for any DIY pest control treatments and leaving your baking soda inside the pantry. 

Store Bought Gel Baits

Is the best ant bait found on your local hardware store shelf?

In-store products are prevalent fixes for small-scale infestations. Whenever ants invade homes, homeowners will place gel ant bait around entry points or areas where ants congregate in kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries. 

Many gel baits act slowly, so it could be weeks before you see substantial results. As foraging ants consume the bait and return to the colony with their spoils, the poison will gradually wipe out the entire nest. 

Many bait options on the market claim to get rid of ants quickly, but we suggest doing your research before purchasing the first thing you see. Insects are immune to many commercial products, so consider all of your options before draining your wallet.

Depending on the location and scale of your infestation, store-bought ant baits could be unnecessary or ineffective. Plus, the active ingredient in some ant bait is something you may already have access to, aka borax.

How Do I Know What’s the Best Ant Bait?

Choosing the best ant bait is difficult, but we’re here to help!

If you have a smaller scale infestation and have children or pets, consider using diatomaceous earth to curtail your insect infestation. While the ants may take longer to go away, you won’t have to worry about anyone in your household getting sick!

Borax is another great option, especially if you have ants invading your kitchen or bathroom spaces. Typically inexpensive, borax is cost-effective and can act similarly to name-brand ant baits and poisons. 

Gel ant baits are another popular pick, but we suggest consulting with a pest control professional if you’re experiencing a severe insect infestation. Whenever pests invade your home, a reputable agency can eliminate the ants inside and keep them from returning outside!

Here at proof., our Pest-Free Guarantee covers many stubborn pests like ants. When you utilize our ant services, we’ll treat all visible pests during initial treatment and return throughout the year to ensure the creepy crawlers haven’t returned. 

Trust proof. with any of your insect problems! Covering over 30 different types of pests, we can keep your home pest-free year-round. Contact us today!

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