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At home, you deserve to be safe and comfortable. You don’t deserve to have spiders scurrying across your ceilings, cockroaches hiding within your walls, bed bugs living in your bed, or rodents darting past you in your kitchen. Pests are not only a nuisance but they can also be quite dangerous, carrying and transmitting diseases, bacteria, and pathogens. At proof. pest control, our highly skilled residential pest technicians have extensive experience taking on pests of all kinds. We offer our Pest-Free Guarantee™ service and other specialty pest services to ensure your home is positively pest free and healthy.

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pest-free guarantee™ service

Our Pest-Free Guarantee™ service is a year-round service that gives you guaranteed protection for more than 30 common pests. This service includes an initial treatment and routine treatments thereafter, ensuring lasting results.

specialty pest services

We offer a range of specific services for specialty pests. These pests each require unique treatment that targets their individual characteristics and behavior.

treating hornet & wasp nests

Wasps and hornets are unique in that they can be treated directly at the source.

We treat all common kinds of wasp and hornet nests you may have, including:

  • External nests: These are generally treated by removing the nest from outside or on your home and treating it directly with a solution to eliminate the wasps on contact. Our technicians have an extender arm that allows them to reach nests up to approximately 30 feet high.
  • Ground nests: These are generally treated by digging up the nest in your yard and treating it with a solution. Depending on the type and size of the nest, we may use a solution that eliminates the wasps on contact or one that takes care of the nest over a period of 3 to 5 days.
  • Internal nests: These nests are generally behind a wall or barrier of some sort so the nest cannot be directly accessed. We treat these nests with a solution that is applied to the outside of the nest. The workers then spread it around to the rest of the nest and it eliminates the entire colony within 3 to 5 days.

*We currently do not treat honeybees.

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green solutions

We use a hybrid approach to treat for insects, wasps, and spiders. Our plant-based and synthetic solutions provide long-lasting, effective results.

indoor treatment

For the inside of your home, we have products available that provide effective control and extermination for a wide variety of insect and spider pests. Your technician will use a green treatment if they feel it would effectively treat your pest issue(s).

outdoor treatment

For the outside of your home, your technician will use a synthetic solution applied to the foundation of your home, any cracks or crevices, and any potential problem spots in the yard. For certain extreme pest issues inside of the home, synthetic treatments are necessary. In these cases, after the initial synthetic treatment has been completed, we switch back to an organic treatment for future maintenance.

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When pests take over, you need the best of the best pest control companies on your side. proof. pest control is the top-rated pest control company thanks to our advanced treatments, industry-leading technology, guaranteed results, and commitment to providing unbeatable service. We take great pride in protecting homes and businesses so that our customers are safe and comfortable.

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