what to do if you think you brought bed bugs home from a hotel

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When staying in a hotel, one of the biggest fears of guests is the possibility of bringing home bed bugs. The thought of this is not only frightening and can ruin your vacation – if you bring the bed bugs into your home, you could have an even more stressful situation on your hands. It is important to act quickly if you think you have bed bugs, in order to prevent further issues.

how to check a hotel room for bed bugs

Before you even book your stay, it is best to read reviews of your hotel of choice and make sure no other guests have had issues with the pests.

Upon entering a hotel, you should check your room for bed bugs. Even if the online reviews are bug free, looking over your room is still a good idea before you get settled. Check for bed bugs (or their eggs, skin, or feces) under mattresses, in the seams of pillowcases, and on other upholstered surfaces. You may also notice blood stains on the bed, or a foul odor in the room. A thorough look-through is essential, as the pests are known to hide in every part of a bed and other hidden areas.

It is still possible to miss bed bugs if you do an investigation of your room. You may notice a bug on your luggage, or later hear that the hotel where you stayed had bed bugs. Following this realization, you should take action.

getting rid of bed bugs

If you can, avoid bringing in any luggage you had with you in the hotel before all of the contents are washed or disposed of. This may not be possible but doing so can keep the pests from crossing the threshold of your home.

Inside your house, a deep clean is crucial. Not only should you be sure to wash any clothing and other items you had with you on your vacation, you must also clean around your bed and throughout your entire home.

To eradicate bed bugs, you should:

  • Wash all clothing, bedding, towels, and other fabrics in hot water (and dry in the dryer)
  • Vacuum and thoroughly clean your mattress and the area around your bed, then cover your mattress
  • Do a deep clean all around your home

Beyond these measures, one of the best ways to keep bed bugs – and all pests – out of your home is by contacting a professional for help. With the assistance of proof. pest control, you can feel confident that your family is safe.

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