the top 5 problems with cockroach bombs

By PPControl
There are few pests more heinous than the cockroach. These nasty insects multiply quickly, are hard to kill, and spread filth wherever they go. That’s why if you are dealing with a roach infestation, you may assume the safest way to get rid of it is to run to the store and buy an over-the-counter product. However, while this may seem like a fast solution, going the DIY route can actually cause you more problems in the long run.There is a good chance you have heard of cockroach bombs before. Also commonly referred to as foggers, bug bombs, or total release aerosols, these products are designed to spray a chemical insecticide into a confined space. Eventually, the insecticide from roach bombs falls to the ground, theoretically killing any roaches that walk over this surface. Unfortunately, these devices do not always work as intended. Keep reading to learn about the top five problems with cockroach bombs, courtesy of our professional team at proof. pest control.

5 reasons not to use a cockroach bomb

  1. They Can Be Very Toxic: Of course, the whole point of a cockroach bomb is that it is toxic for the insects it comes in contact with. However, one major downside of these products is that they can be toxic for people and animals, too. If you are particularly sensitive to chemicals, or you have small animals that like to sniff and lick whatever they find on the floor, avoid using a cockroach bomb. In a worst-case scenario, it could make you or a beloved member of your family very sick.
  2. They Can Be Flammable: The chemicals in cockroach bombs are extremely flammable, and although it is unlikely for this to happen with modern products, there is a chance that the vapors they release can be set on fire if they are near something that ignites. If you do decide to use cockroach bombs, make sure not to place them near things like pilot lights, water heaters, and stoves. And of course, always read the instructions before putting a roach bomb somewhere in your home.
  3. They Have Limited Reach: As we’ve already established, cockroach bombs are effective when it comes to coating the ground in various nooks and crannies around your home. But it’s important to remember that old slogan about how seeing one roach means there are a hundred more in the walls. Even if a bug bomb does kill the roaches crawling around your floor, it is possible there are more in your walls or coming through your pipes that a bomb cannot reach.
  4. They Don’t Always Treat the Source of the Problem: There is a fairly high probability that a store-bought bug bomb will help you kill some roaches. However, when dealing with a major infestation, the key is not to just kill a few insects here and there, it’s to kill the problem by cutting it off at the head. For instance, if cockroaches are entering your home from outside, a roach bomb will not take care of the source of your problem, and you are likely to continue to deal with infestations in the future.
  5. They Are Less Effective Than Professional Pest Control: If you do want to deal with the source of a roach problem, or any pest problem, for that matter, your best bet is always to hire a professional. At proof., our expert roach control providers offer thorough methods for both extermination and exclusion, not only killing any cockroaches on your property, but also finding ways to keep them away for good. Bear in mind, cockroaches reproduce quickly, so it may take several treatments to get the job done right. But we promise, just call us ASAP if you see a roach, and we will get to work right away flushing out the infestation and preventing these pests from returning down the line.

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