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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Lathrup Village

Bald-Faced Hornets

Like most places, Lathrup Village is home to stinging insects such as bald-faced hornets. They are common in both rural and urban areas and make their nests in trees. The nests hang suspended from low-hanging branches or bushes.

Bald-faced hornets construct their paper-like nests out of wood fibers and saliva. Unlike paper wasp nests, however, bald-faced hornet nests can grow to extreme sizes, sometimes becoming larger than a football.

Homeowners in Lathrup Village should be watchful of bald-faced hornets, especially when their nests are largest in summer and fall.

If you spot a hornet nest in your yard, give us a call today! We offer both one-time wasp and hornet nest removal services, plus a year-round plan called the Pest Free Guarantee™, which provides full protection all year against more than 30 Michigan pests including hornets and wasps.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets love residential neighborhoods like those in Lathrup Village because they have many houses to pick from to build their nests in.

Yellow jackets build large complex nests in wall cavities and ceilings that can reach up to 12 feet in length! The workers chew up drywall and mix it with their saliva to make a paper-like product used to build the nest.

Like bald-faced hornets, these aggressive wasps will defend their nests from any perceived threats.


German cockroaches are very common in residential and commercial buildings in Lathrup Village (and throughout Michigan).

German roaches are even capable of large-scale infestations of whole apartment complexes and high-rise buildings! Unlike a lot of pests, they are active year-round since they stay mainly indoors.

Don’t let these pesky roaches take up residence in your home. Our Roach Control services can get them out and keep them out. Give us a call today to learn more and get a fast, free quote!

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Real Reviews from Our Pest Control Customers in and around Lathrup Village

Al D.
– Rochester, MI
“Professional and punctual”
Alecia K.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“can’t say much about your recent visit. it was cold and snowy so I did not see any bugs”
Bindhu Y.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“V good”
Hammad S.
– Rochester, MI
“It was great. The technician was knowledgeable and courteous.”
Jackie T.
– Rochester, MI
“The service is always on time and I don’t have to worry”
Joan R.
– Rochester, MI
“Love that the contract could be transferred to our new house when we moved.”
Julia W.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“I had very prompt service and Jon was very knowledgeable and educated in how to treat the ants.”
Marissa H.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“Great! Always friendly and professional. Our service technician, Jonathan does an excellent job!”
Mike J.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“Scott came out and was just amazing! First he called me to let me know that he was outside, he didn’t want to knock to loud on the door as he wasn’t sure if my kids were sleeping. I just called for mice and wasps, he inspected the house, sprayed for spiders, laid down some poison for some moles we’ve had. He made sure that our dog doesn’t go in the front yard before laying the poison down. He also made sure that we knew to keep an eye on our kids’ rooms as we have had some wasps get in. He let us know right after he sprayed the nest.

He’s a solid guy who knows his stuff! Scott Z will be my go to guy for sure!

Thanks ProofPest and thank you Scott!”

Robert M.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“Thank you for your service. For financial reasons I won’t be able to continue the service this year. If the situation changes I will be sure to call you back for a new contract. Thank you”
Ronald M.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“Always very professional. Usually forget to spray thresholds as originally agreed upon and have to request a follow up. Bugs are gone for most part….only occasionally an ant or stink bug presence.”
Suzette L.
– Rochester, MI
“Great company! John is very personable and really does his job. Great work guys bugs gone!”

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About Lathrup Village, MI

Lathrup Village, Michigan is a city within a city. It is completely surrounded by the neighboring Southfield.

The village is only 1.5 square miles, but it’s densely populated with about 2700 people per square mile.

This tiny village consists of mostly residential and commercial property because of the high population density. Culturally diverse and well educated, it’s steadily becoming a vibrant, new urban destination.

If you’re ready to make sure your home doesn’t become a vibrant, new destination for the local pests, give us today for a quick, custom quote on Lathrup Village pest control services!

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